Stephanie is a fashion and advertising photographer in Melbourne, Australia. Stephanie began to experiment with photography and video as a teenager in Cannes, France in the early 90’s. Steph moved to Paris after high school and completed her studies in photography in 1995.

After her studies Steph worked as an assistant photographer at Daylight studios in Paris which allowed her to further her skills as a fashion photographer and advertising photographer . During this time Steph was also modelling for Ford model agency in Paris which gave her an opportunity to travel and see fashion photography from the other side of the camera which gave her a unique understanding of the whole process.

Since becoming a full time Photographer Steph has worked in fashion, music, advertising and has also produced a large volume of her own artwork including curating 2 exhibitions in Paris at Gallery Bailly.

In 2008 Steph released a book “00:00” (Minnuit) of Photography sold in Boutique and concept stores in France.

Stephanie is based in Melbourne, Australia but is also available to work worldwide. Stephanie provides fashion photography, advertising photography, music photography and corporate photography services.